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Often, a staff of less skilled landscaping contractors installs the landscaping for new residences. When trees and bushes are planted too closely together, too near the home’s foundation, or if the ground needed to be appropriately graded before the landscaping was placed, it may result in significant issues that will be very expensive to fix. Poor grading can result in water settling against or beneath a home’s foundation, endangering the house’s structure and raising the possibility of mold growth in the crawl space or basement. Although it appears terrific at first, the issue of overcrowding becomes a severe concern once enough time has gone for the plantings to mature. That’s when our property management company comes in. If you believe your landscape requires a renovation, whether a complete overhaul or only in specific places, don’t hesitate to contact Top of the Hill Services, LLC, so that our experienced landscaping professional in Atlanta, GA, can speak with you.

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Your yard typically has some spots that get more attention than others. They might be situated next to a park that your neighbors often use, in plain sight of the street or other houses, or simply in a part of the yard that your family prefers. Compared to portions of the property that aren’t constantly used and viewed by others, these high-profile regions require frequent updating and maintenance. When deciding which area of the landscape you should alter to add more “curb appeal,” they make a good choice. Our landscaping contractors at Top of the Hill Services, LLC may begin revitalizing and restoring your yard or property in Atlanta, GA, with just one phone call. As your go-to property management company, we’re prepared to help you.